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Artistic Statement


 Dance is my passion, a part of my being. My motive behind dance is the feeling I get while moving. A feeling that requires full presence in the given moment. When life is feeling dull dance seems to bring a new charisma to my everyday life. It is how I become fully engaged in the present and push past the mundane of the everyday. I dance because it requires me to challenge myself physically and get in touch with my body. There is a great deal of exploration and creativity in dance. I love to explore how I can move in new and different ways. These explorations creates a spark and my satisfaction grows stronger.


When I dance I can be whoever I want to be in that moment. The artistic voice within me finds endless possibilities to transcend. I do not limit myself to one voice, but accept the challenge of finding many. As a successful artist I aim to be versatile and open to all types of movement. I fully invest myself in the physical expression of a vision or an emotion.


 Dance gives me strength, pride and determination in life.



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