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Teaching Philosophy

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I teach dance and pilates because it is a very challenging yet rewarding activity. For me, teaching dance to young children is mainly about the learning process. Young dancers are not only learning how to dance but how to be part of a structured class. I like to bring fun, creative movement into classes for younger age groups but also incorporate structure that is very clear to the dancer. I clearly present the expectations of attitude and physical movement to my students. I also provide my students the opportunity for imagination to be explored and creative voices to be found by incorporating dance combinations where the students can experiment with choice.


As dancers mature, the content of classes should become more advanced and there will be higher expectations of the students. My most memorable instructors have been the ones that have pushed me to go further. There is never an end point in dance and it is important that students know that, especially those who wish to enter the professional world. They cannot just settle for “good”. This is up to me as the teacher to help the student succeed by by giving them challenges in class. As dancers grow, I give feedback that is less focused on the things they are doing correct and geared towards constructive criticism. When I teach older dancers I aim to emphasize the point that receiving constructive criticism should not be looked upon as anything negative. It is my job as the teacher to convince my students that feedback is given with their best interest in mind.


While teaching my pilates clients I want them to feel fulfilled and proud of themselves for taking care of their body. Everyone is different so I cater to each and every need of my clients, offering many variations and modifications. Fitness is such an important part to a long,healthy life and I want to be a part of their health journey. Not only do I focus on building strength and endurance, but also mobility, correct body alignment and motivation. 


I teach because I have immense passion for dance and fitness and want to share that passion with others. I am invested in both myself as well as my students while I teach. Of course, the dancers and their needs come first in the classroom, but I have just as much interest for the movement as the students do. My love for dance and pilates has grown tremendously throughout the years and part of that love has come from the positive impact of teachers throughout my training. As a teacher, I give my students as much inspiration to grow within their bodies that my teachers have given me.

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